I am the tree, giving you the space to uncover new INSIGHTS to  TRANSFORM


About Me

 Jael Kong is a Certified Professional Co-active Coach and accredited by the International Coach Federation, and a certified Agile Team Coach. With over 16 years of human insights experience in different matrix corporations and having lived and worked out of Singapore, China, and currently The Netherlands, Jael discovered her purpose and calling in supporting her fellow human beings in their search for a more meaningful fulfilling life. She holds the beautiful paradox of compassion and provocation. While Jael holds the space and compassion for her clients' situations, she keeps laser focus on the bigger life they desire. This might mean holding the mirror up, provoking and challenging them to the brink of discomfort, so that transformation can happen. Jael has recently stepped down from a full time corporate innovator leadership role, and is dedicating more time in supporting teams, leaders, and individuals to better achieve their goals in a sustained manner. She is privileged to continue her team and individual coaching relationships across different continents. Jael published a book on Amazon in 2019 to help people find their happily ever after.


Life Happily Ever After

Find It Between Your Choice And Commitment

A book to accompany you on your personal adventure to pursue more fulfilment and satisfaction. Filled with practical exercises and reflection questions grounded in coaching principles and techniques. Feel free to engage as much or as little as you wish for transformation in your life.

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