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Leadership & Team Coaching

Feel hyped up or dragging your feet through a one-day or even one-week programme only to default to “business as usual” once you open your inbox the next day?

Change in behaviours, even with the best intent, needs to be supported in order to drive longer term and sustained outcomes. We offer individual support across leaders and team members, tailored to you and your team’s needs. The challenge and support is offered at regular moments across 3 to 6 months and may follow a pattern as below:

  1. Status quo check and desired outcomes mapped

  2. Identify shifts needed and blockers

  3. Set and agree action plan

  4. Monitor and pivot plans as needed

  5. Celebrate success and agree sustainable next steps


Our goal is that you and your team focus on maximizing happiness while delivering value, through self-organization, transparency and trust to improve how you work as individuals and as a team. Our biggest wish is that you do not need another similar programme before a new team is formed.

How we play

It can include one or more team sessions, individual coaching sessions, anonymous feedback sessions as required. The outcome: a team that is clearer where each other is coming from, where they are heading towards as individuals and as a team, fostering more trust and collaboration. Fulfilment and value-driven outcomes are natural by-products.


Get in touch 

With your specific challenges and we look forward to connecting to discuss more. 

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