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Innovation Insights & Coaching

Anyone can come up with innovation ideas, but few can turn them into tangible business growth. Our approach is tailored to what you and your team needs, for example to generate human insights, identify blockers, systemic challenges, beyond the obvious consumer needs and wants. Acting as your sounding board and armed with industry experience in innovations, agile, and navigating systems, we seek to support you and your team to map out and eliminate the riskiest assumptions. You and your team will feel empowered and supported to listen to your group’s wisdom, intuition, and develop the confidence to follow through to actual business growth.

How we play

It can include one or more "insighting" sessions, individual or team coaching sessions as required. The outcome: insights-driven, agile-enabled team that is clearer on where innovation growth is going to come from and what is required of them as individuals and as a team. Ownership, resourcefulness, and value-driven outcomes are natural by-products.


Jael's podcast  Innovation Culture and Metrics for success in a matrix organization

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