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Team Sessions / Facilitation

That the team is work well in silos, and not fully leveraging the diversity of thought and expertise in the group? That the team is delivering against individual goals, however, less synergised on the team/ strategic goals? That the team is experiencing feelings of fatigue, disengage, or even burnout? Better connections within the team, have fun together. Deliver more impact together, while focusing on high value work increase efficiency and creativity More engagement, sense of belonging, and safety Leverage strengths in others more intentionally for a better outcome Recognize the differences within the team and use them to the team's advantage


Co-creates the team vision so there is commitment from the team to want to get there together
Leans on Agile Team Coaching techniques and visual thinking. Uses the Gallup Strengths tool as an self-awareness tool, and also use it as a common language to facilitate better collaborations towards intended business outcomes. Passionate about human insights, motivations, and behaviour Have almost 2 decades of consumer insights experience 500+ hours in coaching individuals and teams.  Fully appreciates the complexity and challenges of high-paced matrix organizations. Lived across 2 continents and 4 countries, and an advocate for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

What others say about Jael Kong

Jael always brings fantastic positive energy to our sessions and is fearless in managing large groups and asking the difficult questions that unlock thinking. She has many useful tools and templates to help structure creative and actionable output and the big bonus is she also really understands our broader business and consumer challenges.


- Jane Buck, The Netherlands

Jael's Super Powers

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