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Corporate & Start-Up Innovation

Innovation Training/ Coaching

Gaps among new hires and a relatively-new team in the innovation expertise area?

Enhanced business partnering and influencing skills
Deepened business acumen
Actively seeks to bring true value to the business
Supported in their onboarding journey without burdening their stretched line managers
Aligned career growth to life goals. Shifted from proving mindset to learning mindset, supported by new behaviors and tools
Navigated fast-paced changes and demands with resilience and purpose

Encourage learning and stimulate thinking and reflection Pre-work or peer-review homework to help hold accountability and deepen learning

What others say about Jael Kong

Jael has facilitated me on the Innovation onboarding journey at Unilever. She is a great coach and trainer who is able to encourage learning and stimulate thinking. My sessions with her have been incredibly helpful in my onboarding to the new role and company. Jael is always keeping up positive attitude and outlook and really helped me to look at things from another perspective. Jael takes a true human-based approach in her work - she is great not only in terms of her Innovation functional expertise, but also as a mentor and coach. I would definitely recommend Jael.

- Tetiana Pasieka, The Netherlands

Jael's Super Powers

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A need to deal with a complex challenge, such as spearheading an innovation portfolio transformation or transforming the process of innovation management?

Have an experienced sounding board for ideas, sparring partner in the roadmap, or a workshop to align different stakeholders for a clear next steps

Deep consumer and portfoli-thinking expertise, and experienced as a coach and team facilitation where senior stakeholders are involved.


What others say about Jael Kong

Jael always brings fantastic positive energy to our sessions and is fearless in managing large groups and asking the difficult questions that unlock thinking. She has many useful tools and templates to help structure creative and actionable output and the big bonus is she also really understands our broader business and consumer challenges.

- Jane Buck, The Netherlands

Workshop facilitation: design thinking, visual thinking, systems thinking to identify levers and barriers so the plans are anchored in reality and more actionable

Other consultancy offering can be discussed based on your brief.
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