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Really humbled and grateful for the coaching Jael provided to me: it really went in depth to understand what hindered me to take action on the things that mattered most to me and helped me verbalise and visualise the life I really want. It is already happening so that is testament to how good the experience was!!


The coaching from Jael was life changing! I love how she challenged me and my thinking to enable me to see another point of view. My learning and growth has been remarkable!

R. Ussher

The coaching sessions with Jael totally changed my impression of a typical 'coaching' session or a 'coach'.
I am amazed by the changes brought by our sessions. It is not only about finding some tactical solutions, but help me find a new perspective of thinking/ seeing the world, find the direction of ME - what kind of person I would like to be. With this strengthened inner power, I won an important milestone in my career path and more importantly, becoming or in the right/ much clearer direction of becoming a person I would like to be.
Thank you Jael!


There was a great balance of goal-setting with visualisation and focus on how attaining those results would make me feel, which was fantastic as my main block was not allowing myself to believe it was possible, which prevented me from putting actions in place.
Jael did not rush me into setting actions for the sake of it, but letting me understand independently how much I wanted that to happen and then go into small steps that would encourage me rather than big ones that would risk failing.
Every time the old habits of disbelief were coming through, Jael was great at bringing me back to that place of belief and potential happiness, that were motivating me more rather than just take aimless action.
Focusing on my values was extremely helpful to really acknowledge what I needed and didn’t need. Aligning my current and future life decisions to those values was one of the greatest unlocks and something that is really changing the way I operate daily.
Jael was great at helping me verbalise my feelings, my challenges and strengths, which is something I struggled with. Also transforming those feelings of powerlessness into higher energy feelings was a huge transformation.
Jael's way of relating to me was extremely compassionate and empathetic, which helped me open up and be completely honest in my journey.


One of the best things I invested my time on. A journey inside myself to learn how to react to challenges. An entertaining journey that turn drama into a smile and power. You won't regret it :) Thank you Jael!


My 1 to 1 coaching with Jael has been a great experience, and the results that exceeded my expectations. During the coaching program I have been able to rediscover personal skills and strengths to empower myself. As a result of the coaching program I have been able to create opportunities to connect my purpose with my job, and consider opportunities I would not have thought about. By the end of the coaching I started a new role in the company, that allows me to work and live my purpose every day... plus it was a promotion :)


Jael has been a wonderful coach. She has helped me understand my values and what drives my ambition. Her coaching has given me the confidence to excel at my day to day and to prepare myself for what comes next.


Jael is one of the warmest and gentlest coaches I've experienced. Her guidance, and honesty really help you to be the best version of yourself.


Jael is patient, kind, easy to talk to and a wonderful listener. She pushes you when you need some pushing, and challenges you to dig deeper into your answers. I got a lot of value from my time with her and the exercises we did together.


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